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Jim Shaw

Hi Charlie,
It is indeed a crying shame, but looking at where the wreckage is sitting and thinking about heavy weather on those rocks below the cliffs and I think you were very lucky to have survived. She was a beauty and I remember well the coffee you made as we sat below a few days before you left. I'd have loved to have been privileged enough to sail on her.
Keep dreaming and best of luck with Endeavor.


By building the boat you achieved what a lot of people still dream about. You made a lot of people where you lived proud to know you and know what you achieved. You are still talked about fondly at the club and the Spa still gets up to "Charlies temperature" occasionally.

Charles Whipple

Hope the new book got to WOS library all right. Sent it to John and know that he and Denny read it first. Thanks for the kudo. WOS will always have a place in my memory bank and all WOSers a place as good friends. Hope to see you all again before I shuffle off.


Gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to be sure. But you're alive and known as a real sailor man and an inspiration others the world over.

I love that boat and, swear to God, someday I'll have one.

In the meantime, smooth sailing shipmate.


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