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gary at mount martha

Hi Charlie. just wanted to say the boat is looking fantastic. I have been following it's construction on the welsford web site since it's conception. Resolution looks to be a safe sturdy traditional long distance cruiser.
Good luck with the Launch
I look forward to progress reports as resolution goes through it's sea trials


T . J. Whatley,,,aka   T. Bone

Charlie, now the fun begins. I am an old blue water
sailor that have seen a lots of fellows say they are
going to do this and that and when they get out there
and see the shit that is thrown at them the come back..
I don't think you are one of them. My age is 85 and
I have have been there. VERY Good luck and remember the old English saying that if you are a
good sailor and navigator you will at least know where you went down to meet the man with the

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